“Do not strive for rapid success with all your might and do not just look for the little benefits. Those who strive for rapid success, do not reach the goal. Just focusing on the little benefits stops them from achieving great things.”

Confucius (551-479 BCE), Chinese philosopher

The Chinese Sports Strategists


The Chinese Sports Strategists is a cooperative network of long-standing sports partners in Germany and the People’s Republic of China.

Established connections plus tried-and-tested projects have resulted in a profound collection of know-how being built up over the last 15 years. That expertise now supports the sports industry as an implementation team within the scope of this cooperation. Projects in China require patience and small steps. So for us the Confucius quote is an apt description for Chinese/German projects.


The people involved, with their individual needs within the projects, are our top priority.

Security, trust and transparency are the key factors in the execution of projects between these two different cultures. This is the only way projects can develop and grow sustainably despite the great distance between China and Germany.

For us, It doesn’t matter whether we are advising top athletes, developing sports projects for associations, coordinating trips to China or Germany for clubs or organising sporting events.

An experienced and interdisciplinary team, in conjunction with direct connections with the respective areas, provide the opportunities for implementing projects of any size.

If you are interested in our work, then take a look at our current projects or read our blog.





Naser „Nek“ Capric

Naser „Nek“ Capric

Project development, consultation and sports management for Europe

Jianbo He

Jianbo He

Project development, consultation and  management in China

Mark Hellwig

Mark Hellwig

Project development, consultation and organizational management in Germany


The needs of our clients are very complex. The services portfolio of the Chinese Sports Strategists primarily covers strategic planning. However, helped by their broad network, CSS also monitors the subsequent steps.


Supervision and Support

CSS has the possibilities and the experience in the sports and business fields to look after and accompany top European athletes in the People’s Republic of China. Its international team can deal with any concerns without delay, and CSS acts as a point of contact for advice and ongoing development at any time.


Sporting Academy concepts

CSS has many years of experience in the development of specific concepts. The process starts with the tiniest detail and moves in a steady, structured way towards the desired result. We will find, create or adapt a concept to fit your needs – regardless of whether it is intended for private, municipal or even state projects.

Training advice

Working together with selected European coaches (UEFA licence holders) in a professional atmosphere over a period of at least two months, the high-quality, intense programme guarantees the development of the sports teams. Great care is taken to ensure that local contact persons are available at all times.

Organising, coordinating and carrying out training trips

Training trips are a very effective way of achieving a certain presence in the sports scenes of individual countries. CSS can provide all the services needed for European teams visiting China and Chinese teams visiting Europe.

Strategic concept development

A thorough analysis and assessment of the actual situation leads to the objective, which is worked out together with the client. The implementation is then outlined and an ongoing monitoring process presented so that the client can understand the progress and the successes.

Sponsorship acquisition and services

Identifying, addressing and convincing target customers of the benefits of a successful collaboration are among the core tasks of CSS. Sponsors are also fully informed about concepts and implementation at all times.

Activation of rights packages

Activation requires great creativity – and there are hardly any limits to this. Digital media offer broad coverage and interesting possibilities – for both sponsors and rights holders. You can benefit from CSS’s vast experience by planning your activation with us.


No matter whether individual athletes, teams or associations – they all have to see themselves as a company. One important task is the branding process. Brand core, values, personality and promises must be identified before the positioning process can begin. Consistent story-telling completes the branding.

Marketing-Mix implementation

Although the Chinese Sports Strategists see themselves as strategy consultants, the marketing mix can be supervised accordingly if required. The actual implementation is carried out by professional partner agencies who have a wide range of skills and have completed many implementation projects successfully.



Our blog with regular news about our projects will keep you up to date.

A new idea at grass roots level

Once the idea for “The Chinese Sports Strategists” had been born, it was time for a first test run. But how did that happen? Jianbo He explains the background to the project.

A new philosophy – European football in Chinese

The Changzhou adventure begins! Our trainers arrived in a tense mood to prepare the first training sessions and take stock of the new situation. But first of all, it was necessary to get to know each other – and just the first few days showed that the move to China was not a small one.

That’s how the training went – Where worlds collide

The ball is rolling! At least partly, because in addition to ball exercises there were, of course, also team and technical training sessions. It was clear that the European training styles would differ from the Chinese ones. But many bridges had to be built first.

Focusing on the children: Who is being trained?

“We try to communicate our love of football to the children. They should have fun training.” The exercises on the training ground took place with this in mind. But who are actually the children being trained? We show the background.

Looking to the future

Two months of training are over and the test phase has been successfully completed. The foundation for a long-term project has also been laid – but how does it continue? We show what the next steps might be.


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